Most people won’t hire a Home Service Business without looking at their reviews first!

If you don’t have a steady stream of reviews then you’re getting left behind. We offer you an easy-to-use, low priced solution, that solves your lack-of-review problem and grows your business.

Are You Having Trouble Getting Reviews And Referrals For Your Home Service Business?


Your Problems:

Your Hope:


Imagine having your clients become an advertising engine which feeds you new customers using ReviewRefer! 

Here are just some of the benefits you get:

We Help You Get Reviews & Referrals Through Our Simple Process

STEP 1: Point them to where you want the review

Need more customer reviews on Google? Check the Google box. Your customer receives a link to review your service on your Google Business page. Reviewrefer works the same way for other business review sites as well.

STEP 2: Decide when to send the review request

You can send the customer the request while you are still standing in front of them, parked outside after the job, or schedule to send latter. Your customer receives a text message or email (depending on which you chose to send) and they post a review on the link you gave them to Google, your Facebook business page reviews tab, HomeAdvisor, etc…

STEP 3: Start getting reviews where you’ve needed them

We’ve built our service to be super-easy-to-use so that all you need is their consent to message and their phone or email to send to. Our process helps you bypass your competition by keeping a fresh stream of reviews piling up where you need them the most. The best part is that you save a lot of time because the complicated stuff is automated.


A lot of assumptions are made about reviews and referrals by business owners, managers, and employees. These assumptions are usually implemented into business policy and practice and do more to hurt a business than help it. We’ve done a lot of research which include studies conducted by Harvard University, Statista, Forrester Research, to name a few. Here are the core lessons we’ve learned and also incorporated into ReviewRefer to get you the highest value possible in growing your business with new customers.

How Do I Use ReviewRefer To Win Over My Competitors?

We’ve built Review Refer to be extremely easy to use with a lot of features and ways to get in front of new customers compliantly. Here are some of the top benefits:

You steer your clients where you want them to post reviews of your business!

Text or Email Review and Referral Requests

You can ask a customer while they are still in front of you if you can text or email them a message with a link to post a review of your product or service.

If you feel uncomfortable doing that or don’t feel that you have the time to do this individually while you are top-of-mind, you (or a staff member) can send the request later. 

Review Refer supports the upload of your customer phone numbers for text messaging them OR the upload of email addresses to email them your review or referral request. With each we offer them the ability to opt-out of receiving further requests from you.

Save Time with Automation

No one wants to have to re-type the same message over and over when asking clients for a review. Plus, there are custom links you have to use with certain sites or your customer will be taken to a login page and not your business review page.

With ReviewRefer you enter this info one time and the service remembers it. Going forward all you need is the customer phone number or email and then hit send. Super easy to use!

You can send a review request instantly while still in front of the customer, after you leave, or schedule send in bulk. We do a drip-send so that the review websites are not hit with a flood of reviews all at once. Pause or cancel the bulk sends at any time.

Generate More Business With Our Referral & Coupon Code Creator

You can create custom offers for existing customers or referral offers for them to share with their friends.

Our Offer Code generator allows you to:

  • Create your own unique codes for the customer/prospect to redeem
  • A message template for you to post your offer, terms, and expiration
  • A link to post with the offer so customers can redeem it and book an appointment with you
  • A digital creator that turns your offer into a digital image to post on social media and send in emails
  • A WYSIWYG editor to change background color, text color, add a picture background, include or exclude your company logo, and more!
  • A custom page for existing customers and prospective customers to go to and redeem your offers (which you can track and manage in our CMS)

Keep Track Of New Bookings With Our CMS (Customer Management System)

ReviewRefer tracks your customers who visit your code registration page and redeem your coupon or referral code offer. You have an easy-to-use dashboard that displays what code they redeemed, when they redeemed it, their full name, phone number, email, and if they booked an appointment with you yet.

You can bring up an individual customer record and click the phone number for click-to-call on your mobile device OR click on their email to open up your email client to send them an email!


We offer a 14-day money back guarantee so you can use our software, get some customer reviews and referrals under your belt, and decide to stay or go. If you go, simply cancel within 14-days for a full refund. You’re out nothing and you get reviews and referrals to keep for your time. There is no one to call and no strong-arm tactics. Simply cancel electronically. Our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee is for all plan types.

There is no risk and nothing to lose.


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