How SMS or TEXT messaging has a higher response rate from customers than email

Individuals have become so addicted in today’s digital era to having an overflowing demand inbox that many shut messages out entirely. If there is no immediate need for an email, it can wait. The problem? Such emails are never revisited as they pile up more and more. In an era of rapid development of advertising approaches and increasingly complex digital campaigns from competing brands, text messaging enables marketers to capture the attention, loyalty and action of the consumers they most care about. With impressive open / response rates and customer favorability, today’s most successful businesses are listening to these twelve key statistics that might surprise you.


Here’s what the Marketing Profs experts have to say:

Volume: 74 Trillion emails are sent every year, while 8 Trillion texts are sent every year

Open Rates: open email rates are 20 percent, while open SMS rates are 98 percent

Response rates: email response rates are 6 percent, while SMS response rates are 45 percent

Response Time: it takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to an email response. 95% of all text messages read within 90 seconds (most read within 5 seconds).

Why is Better than Email Texting?

The above statistics are fantastic, but they may still leave you wondering what text messaging is all about, making it so much more powerful than email. For instance, text messages are usually short and to – the-point, allowing recipients to easily read them in real time regardless of where they are or how long they are (although we believe it is important to value your customers and text only during daylight hours). In addition, people generally see a message earlier than an email due to how it appears directly on a mobile phone through the messaging technology.

Prepare for Texting to start?

If you wonder how texting will change the way you do business, the answer is that it will help you get much higher rates of transparency, reply and engagement!

SMS marketing sets up marketers for other advanced mobile opportunities

On average, 79 percent of mobile marketers are more likely to use other digital marketing tactics when using SMS marketing strategies

The explanation is that businesses who adopt SMS marketing soon see the efficacy of SMS marketing tactics and realize their audience’s receptivity to the medium, informing marketing strategy throughout.

Texting campaigns also set customers to understand the other digital campaigns of a brand, helping with response rates and visibility, while increasing the positive light and importance they associate a business with.

Using short links in mobile marketing campaigns can boost conversion rates

Branded prestige links earn up to 39% more clicks than standard short links. Branded links achieve higher CTR than generic short links because they indicate that the message is directly linked to your brand. Branded connections are especially important for safety and reassurance reasons with text messaging campaigns. From the point of view of the recipient, if they are not familiar with the domain name, a link within a text could send them anywhere on the web. Customers feel safer to click on it, knowing that spam or phishing sites would not be affiliated with your business. Branded links achieve higher CTR than generic short links as they show that the connection is directly related to your product.

  • The next big mobile marketing channel, Rich Communication Services, will be worth billions very soon

with RCS estimated at $74 billion by 2021. Gartner, TechCrunch, GSMA and OpenMarket claim that Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging is a “messaging standard that has the ability to connect SMS and other chat apps together.” It is expected to redesign SMS into a messaging system that can challenge Apple’s iMessage service, deliver team chat, video, read receipts, and all of a website or APP’s in-depth apps. Developed and supported in 2008 by the GSMA Association, it is currently being implemented and developed by Google alongside major carrier networks.

More than one-third of the world’s phones aren’t “smart enough” for advanced mobile-marketing

Over 35% of phone users in the world are best reached by SMS text messaging.

SMS open rates beat email nearly 5x over

90% vs 20% – Open rate of SMS compared to email open rate.

SMS text messaging boasts a much lower open rate compared to email. It reflects the views of most consumers on texting as a more positive, intimate way of communicating and receiving promotional offers. It is easier to add SMS marketing tactics to your approach than many email campaigns and combined with a better return on investment. With GDPR, improvements in the interface of Gmail, and increasing amounts of email being sent, it is doubtful that the trend of open email rates will change soon. Text messaging has a quality that will see the difference continue for the foreseeable future between the communication levels of the network.

Response rates for SMS marketing are 7.5x higher than email

marketing SMS text message response rates are 45% vs email response rates at 6%. In particular, over and above the obvious personal dimension, SMS messages are more convenient to receive, read, and function as consumers check their phones dozens of times a day. SMS marketing statistics show that texts inspire conversion from top to bottom through your sales funnel, if your customers respond to a text request, by clicking on your website.

Customers respond extremely quickly to text messages

 It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message. While people respond quickly to a message, responding to an email with the same details takes up to an hour and a half. It makes SMS text messaging a vital promotional tool for time-sensitive, attendance-heavy promotions and activities like competitions, limited time / supply sales and registration of events. Organizations can also exploit faster response times to provide real-time customer reviews on orders, interactions with customer service, and product views. While people respond quickly to a message, responding to an email with the same details takes up to an hour and a half.

Many people don’t mind getting promotional offers via text

75 percent of people wouldn’t mind receiving a text message from a company (after opt-in) (source) Contrary to most people’s perception consumers say that they wouldn’t mind receiving a product offer via text. Because of the personal touch text messages that come with them, customers feel this way, along with the fact that for businesses to reach out via SMS, consumers have to choose to connect actively. SMS messaging appears to be less intrusive due to the users having to take deliberate opt-in action. It is also more precise and does a good job of presenting an offer’s value proposition because of reduced spacing. Most of the audience owns a mobile phone 60 percent of the world’s people own a mobile phone compared with 40 million who have internet access. Through a sms marketing campaign, the number of people reached is much lower than that for email marketing.


Most of the audience owns a mobile phone 60 percent of the world’s people own a mobile phone compared with 40 million who have internet access. Figures show that since 2013, the number of mobile phone users has risen by 4 percent each year and is expected to continue on this path in the coming years. Through a sms marketing campaign, the number of people reached is much lower than that for email marketing.

It’s cheap

SMS campaigns may work out more expensive when you look at the per message cost but you do save on the costs that come with creating emailers. Email campaigns need creativity and design. They need to be made compatible across mail clients. With only 160 characters of copy SMS messages let you reach your audience much more cost.




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